About Us

Megan is a twenty-three-year-old nerd with a degree in English and Film Studies, and a powerful need to analyze media.

Ashley is also a twenty-three-year-old nerd, but her degree is in History and Archaeology so she feels slightly less qualified to analyze. She still likes to think too much about the media she consumes.


  1. Love your post about Scheherazade! I'm an artist working on a public mural where I want to include FOUR actual strong female characters. My current lineup is: Mulan (chinese folk song hero, not disney princess), Scheherazade, Uhura, and Ripley. I'm not set in my ways yet, and I'd love the input of other women thinking about these issues. Any suggestions?

  2. Megan and Ashley: I am a fan of your blog. Would you be interested in serving as reviewers for a film studies journal I'm developing through the English department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University? I need feminism content experts, and you two seem like a perfect fit. Contact me for more information: greg.chan@kpu.ca. Thanks!