Monday, 18 February 2013

Miscellaneous Mondays: The Brain Scoop vs. Nincompoops

Emily Graslie is the volunteer curatorial assistant for the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at the University of Montana. She hosts a YouTube series called “The Brain Scoop,” in which she discusses her work and her workplace with a candid enthusiasm (it's awesome and you should watch it). She once saved a taxidermied raccoon from the dark depths of storage oblivion. She's skinned a wolf. And she, we can assume based on a recent blog post, does not suffer fools gladly.

Here we see the Badass Woman in her natural habitat, schooling morons. Graslie responds to two YouTube comments from people who encourage her to wear “racier” clothing, one going so far as to blame her outfits for his “antiboner.” Graslie handles the comments well, letting her followers know that she wants to be a role model for young women who think that they cannot pursue a career in science. We’re especially glad to see her taking this opportunity to remind her viewers of the title of her channel; she’s here to encourage the mind, not the libido.

And, honestly, why would anyone need to wear more revealing clothing to attract viewers when they included a taxidermied animal race in one of their videos? That should be sexy enough for anyone.

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