Monday, 7 January 2013

Miscellaneous Mondays: The Quest for a Better Hero's Journey

This week’s Miscellaneous Mondays post features a talk given by communications expert Colin Stokes about the profound influence that the filmic hero’s journey exercises on the audience. In this video, he discusses the limitations inherent in this trope and advocates for a paradigm shift from a hero’s journey, focused on an individual (usually a man) who either defeats other people or claims them as prizes, to a heroes’ journey, focused on a team comprised of people of all genders, whose goal is to improve themselves and those around them.

Now for a bit of a teaser. Whether you have been basing your viewing habits on the Bechdel test for years or had never heard of it before watching this video, you might be interested to know that the television show that we’ll be talking about in our next series of posts passes the test two times in the first three minutes.

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