Friday, 1 March 2013

Reader Submission: She-Hulk!

To kick off our Reader Appreciation Month we have a submission from Jai (resident artist and all-around excellent person), extolling the virtues of She-Hulk:
Art by Adi Granov.

SHE-HULK. As Jen Walters, she's a really smart, well educated lawyer, but she's always been in the background of everything; once she gets a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, she becomes She-Hulk - which affords her the chance to finally be the centre of attention!

I started reading She-Hulk is when there was a revival of her solo series; I bought (and still buy, when I have the money) the trades. At that point in Marvel 'verse, she was part of the Avengers. We're introduced to her through a party - a really big party - and then her waking up with a random dude the next morning. She's large and in charge and she takes every advantage of it; but the rest of the Avengers are worried it's taking a toll on her Superhero-ing. So they tell her they're worried about her, and think she should take some time off. The dude she was sleeping with tells her she's shallow. (He's an underwear model.)
Around the same time, she gets an offer at a Law firm - apparently one of the best in New York. So, given the suggestions of her teammates and this new opportunity, she decides to go for it. But there's a catch: she can't do it as She-Hulk. She has to do it as Jen.

For the most part that's played super well - it's about her learning to have confidence in herself and her awesomeness and the fact that she's a really good lawyer, even when she's not this super hot super strong super hero babe.
To top it all off, the law firm she ends up working for has a specific division of its company they want her for: the Super Human Law division. Where people who've just gained super-human powers can sue the companies that left the radioactive waste just out and about. Or villains can sue heroes for excessive force. It's pretty great, and doesn't take itself too seriously at all. The best story in the first trade (I think it's in the first trade) is when Spider-Man decides to sue J. Jonah Jameson for slander. Jameson eventually ends up saying "Well, shouldn't you be including Peter Parker in on this?! He's the one who sells me the photos!" And so Spider-Man (who is Peter Parker, of course) can't realistically say "Nah I don't wanna sue that guy, just you," without giving a really good reason. So he settles out of court.

What they end up settling on?

J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker have to stand right outside the Daily Bugle offices holding signs saying (I think) “I'm Sorry” and handing out leaflets about how they were wrong.
While wearing Chicken Suits.

The series does have its serious spots, as well, but overall it's a super well crafted fun romp with a really strong female lead learning to love herself FOR HERSELF and no one else, it's got lovable background characters who have character arcs of their own, the stories and well written, the art is great... All in all, I'm pretty in love with it.

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